Place of Possibilities

Our school slogan - 'Place of Possibilities' - creates a unified vision for the boys who pass through our school and inspires each boy to strive to be his best.

The goal at HCS is to provide a calming, understanding, and lighthearted space where boys can build resilience and perseverance, experience a sense of belonging, and find ways to value themselves that will last their whole lives.

We are thrilled that you are interested in exploring the HCS community and what it may offer your son.

The experiences that boys have at our school are life-changing. We hope that the images and stories within will help you get a sense of our family. Our website will guide you through the admissions process, from your initial inquiry and information request to completing the application online.

The best way to find out who we really are, however, is to visit campus and meet the outstanding students and faculty who make HCS the warm and engaging community that it is.

At this time, our campus is open to scheduled private tours only.

We want to learn about your son and your family and help you as you explore the world of educational opportunities at HCS. Please contact our Admissions Office as we are looking forward to welcoming you on your HCS journey.


Graydon Mitchell
Enrollment Management Consultant

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